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The call of the mountain: Jean Troillet invited by Rytz & Cie SA

Posted 28 | 05 | 2019
Categories Events, Vaud

On Thursday, May 23, the agency Rytz & Cie SA had the pleasure of welcoming distinguished mountain guide and mountain climber Jean Troillet for an exceptional conference. The event was a resounding success with some 150 guests assembled at the Mövenpick Hotel in Lausanne to hear the Swiss Canadian’s account of his exploits.

On the occasion of this conference, with humour and goodwill, Jean Troillet shared the importance of knowing when to back down. As he puts it, it’s the mountain that decides, and one must be capable of making the right choice, even when it means saying no. After all, you’ll have another chance. True victory is living to climb another day

Roberto Freda, Sales Director Rytz & Cie SA – Gérald Morand, Chief Administrator Rytz & Cie SA – Marie Barbier-Mueller, Administrator Rytz & Cie SA – Jean Troillet – Yves Rytz, Chief Administrator Rytz & Cie SA – Laurent Decrauzat, Director of Property and Condominium Management Rytz & Cie SA

However, the driving force behind Troillet’s expeditions isn’t the call of the summits but, rather, friendship. Each time, it’s friendship that leads to the creation of a new project, and the expeditions are always undertaken among friends, resulting in moments of exceptional joy that light up the adventurer’s face. From the satisfaction of reaching the summit of Mount Everest with Erhard Loretan, Pierre Béguin and Sandro Godio in 1986 to the delight of observing polar bears in the company of his companions Jean-Yves Fredriksen and Sébastien Devrient on Bylot Island in 2013, adventures are always shared experiences.

« Victory is life ! »

Friendship is a concept that the agency Rytz & Cie understands very well, having partnered with Société Privée de Gérance in Geneva in 1988 to form the SPG-Rytz Group, which is active in the Lake Geneva area. The two agencies are bound by a strong relationship, based on family values, entrepreneurship and respect for their clientele. Marie Barbier-Mueller, the third generation of the founding family of Société Privée de Gérance and a member of the Rytz & Cie Board of Directors, was also there to introduce the conference, alongside Laurent Decrauzat, Managing Director responsible for commonhold properties at Rytz & Cie. Sharing and enrichment are the magic words when it comes to an effective partnership, whether in mountain climbing or real estate.

« To each his own summit. »

You can find a video retrospective of the event on our YouTube channel !