Vision and values


For 3 generations, SPG has been a major real estate player in French-speaking Switzerland, whose integrated approach, extensive local network  and entrepreneurial spirit are the hallmark recognised by its clients and peers alike.

Our vision

Let’s turn challenges into opportunities, day after day. 

Our mission

With its extensive local network along with the expertise of its 230 employees, SPG, supported by subsidiaries and partner companies, is able to accompany you in your real estate projects whatever they may be: rental management, co-ownership administration, sales, rental, luxury real estate, real estate development, environment and energy, advice and evaluations, works management and renovation, institutional real estate consulting and real estate asset management.

For SPG, quality human relationships are paramount, on a daily basis, as a lever for long-term value creation: optimal understanding of needs, establishment of expertise and skills network, support and continuous improvement throughout the process, perseverance in problem solving.

SPG’s constant social, cultural and environmental commitment since its creation is a strong marker of its identity beyond all trends.

Our values

1. Commitment

The capacity for initiative, flexibility, enthusiasm and a certain capacity to take risks are all qualities that our employees deploy on a daily basis in the service of their clients.

2. Emotion

Real estate is as much rational as it is emotional, which is why SPG’s trademark is also characterised by aesthetics, harmony and generosity in all the projects it undertakes.

3. Rigour

Resilience, rigour, competence and responsibility are essential conditions for the success of any project, especially when they are very engaging as in real estate.