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Société Privée de Gérance celebrates 60 years in 2020!

Posted 27 | 01 | 2020
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This year, Société Privée de Gérance (SPG) will celebrate its 60th anniversary. The Geneva-based agency with its incomparable network of expertise plans to mark the occasion with a varied, targeted program. The program will consist of diverse activities aimed at expressing appreciation for all of the clients, owners and service providers who have contributed to the company’s strength and success over the past six decades. Notably, a reforestation program has been implemented in the Amazon, as environmental protection is at the very core of the agency’s philosophy.

A rich, targeted program to mark 60 years in business

In celebration of its 60th anniversary, the agency, which has long been committed to environmental protection through a variety of actions, has partnered with Reforest’Action, a company whose primary activity is to lead reforestation projects throughout the world. SPG has decided to sponsor tree planting in the Amazon rainforest, specifically in the Brazilian state of Rondônia. For every contract that is signed – whether a lease agreement, sales contract or labour contract – a tree will be planted in the Amazon rainforest. It is an effective, concrete way for SPG to reinforce its commitment to environmental protection, while getting tenants, owners and new employees involved. You can follow the progress of the reforestation project on the SPG website or on the association page devoted to the partnership!

Picture of a person taking care of trees samplings during reforestation efforts in Brazil

The year will also be punctuated by the release of 12 videos on a variety of topics, including arts and culture, the history of the agency, its commitment to sustainable development and its network of expertise. Right now, you can discover the first video presentation, which provides an overview of SPG’s 60-year history.

Solid as a rock for 60 years

Founded in Geneva in 1960 by Jean Paul Barbier-Mueller, a connoisseur of art and literature, SPG quickly became one of the most important agencies in the canton, specialising in institutional real estate management and the construction of social properties.

In 1988, SPG partnered with Nyon-based agency Rytz, which already had a well-established reputation on the north shore of Lake Geneva in the canton of Vaud. The two agencies formed the SPG-Rytz Group, thus consolidating their position as leaders in French-speaking Switzerland.

The SPG main building in Geneva

During the nineties, SPG raised the bar in real estate management with the development of the designated agent concept in which an SPG manager takes responsibility for all of the duties related to managing, developing and promoting a client’s real estate holdings.

In the year 2000, Thierry Barbier-Mueller, the son of Jean Paul, became the chief executive officer of SPG. With the arrival of Marie and Valentine Barbier-Mueller, who joined the company and the Steering Committee in 2017 and 2019, the torch can one day be passed on to a third generation.

Thanks to its family shareholding structure, SPG benefits from financial and operational autonomy, which allows the company to make its decisions on an objective basis. Today, the agency’s mission can be summed up as follows: to create value for clients by offering them a comprehensive range of specialised, complementary real estate services.

Portrait of the Barbier-Mueller family.
From left to right: Marie Barbier-Mueller, Thierry Barbier-Mueller and Valentine Barbier-Mueller

100 percent digital, 200 percent human

SPG’s expertise today encompasses real estate development, property management and appraisals, as well as residential and commercial brokering. The agency manages more than 26,000 units generating CHF 400 million in rental income.

The arrival of the third generation to the executive team has led SPG to innovate even further. However, the digital transformation was already well underway before their arrival with the creation of SPG-Rytz Online, a secure digital platform that provides clients with 24/7 access to all of the accounts, contracts and documents related to their properties.

Prospective tenants can now submit and track their applications electronically in real time through the SPG website with the aid of an ergonomic, user-friendly platform. And finally, properties for sale or lease are proposed in an immersive, interactive format through virtual visits.

The Amandolier garden in Geneva

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