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Moillebeau 53, a new contemporary residential building

Posted 19 | 02 | 2020
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Construction on a new building located in Petit-Saconnex, piloted by the Asset Development Department of Société Privée de Gérance (SPG) under the direction of Dominique Bakis-Métoudi and designed by the architectural firm Anderegg-Rinaldi, will soon be completed. The Moillebeau 53 building, which features a contemporary architectural style, comprises 26 apartments, including 8 mixed-occupancy units and 18 State-controlled flexible-lease units, as well as a subterranean garage with 21 parking spaces. The 26 apartments, which consist of 2 to 7 rooms and are distributed over 7 floors, have quickly found tenants. Work on the project began on June 1, 2018, and is scheduled for completion at the end of March 2020.

Ideally situated near public transportation, 10 minutes away from the airport by car and 10 minutes away from the UN headquarters on foot, the Moillebeau 53 residential building is THPE-certified for very high energy-efficient performance.

A property managed by SPG

SPG manages a vast portfolio of residential, commercial, public housing, commonhold and cooperative properties on behalf of owners from all walks of life. The company employs no fewer than 160 people, 95 of whom are exclusively dedicated to property management. With 26,000 properties under management, generating 400 million in rental income, it is one of the largest real estate agencies in Geneva. Each client benefits from a designated agent, who knows the client’s case inside and out and manages it perfectly in every respect. As a result, actions such as re-leasing and repairs can be implemented promptly. Moillebeau 53 will now be part of the SPG management portfolio.

Moillebeau 53: exemplary real estate project management

The SPG Asset Development Department has been managing the development of the Moillebeau 53 project on behalf of a private client. Specialising in real estate construction, renovation and development, the department takes pride in observing the three pillars of sustainable development: economic development, social responsibility and environmental protection. With its exemplary energy-efficient performance, Moillebeau 53 is an excellent example!

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