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Ultimate adventurer Mike Horn invited by SPG !

Posted 10 | 04 | 2019
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On Tuesday, April 2, Société Privée de Gérance (SPG) invited Mike Horn for a conference exclusively dedicated to the company’s clients and partners in Geneva. In the packed hall, the explorer, who has led countless expeditions, held an audience of 300 spellbound with his simplicity, his candour and his hair-raising anecdotes.

During the conference, with humour and genuineness, Mike Horn shared his experience of crossing the Antarctic alone and unsupported in 2017, an experience that pushed him to the very limits of human endurance.

The key to the incredible resilience of this lone man in the face of nature is his discipline. Horn repeated over and over that he’s just a man like any other, but for the power of motivation. Moreover, he doesn’t consider his explorations difficult, as there’s only one choice: to survive.


From left to right: Valentine Barbier-Mueller, Marie Barbier-Mueller, Mike Horn, Gérald Morand, Dominique Bakis-Métoudi, Thierry Barbier-Mueller, Sophie Barbier-Mueller and Yves Rytz.


For 30 years, Horn has been witnessing worrying climatic instability and is sounding the alarm, urging all of us to live in a more sustainable way. These same environmental concerns also guide the activities of SPG, which aims to reduce its ecological footprint a little more each year by monitoring and improving the portfolio of real estate it manages and by designing cutting-edge projects in the area of energy efficiency.


Marie Barbier-Mueller and Valentine Barbier-Mueller


Another thing that grounds the extreme adventurer is family values, as his two daughters prepare his expeditions and take charge of his communications. A nod to the Geneva-based agency, which is welcoming the third generation of the founding family, which has remained a constant shareholder, with the arrival of Marie and Valentine Barbier-Mueller in 2016 and 2019, respectively.


« If your dreams don’t make you afraid, it’s because they aren’t big enough ! »


Find the video retrospective of the event, as well as Mike Horn’s message !