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The modern, elegant, interactive new website of L’INFORMATION IMMOBILIÈRE magazine

Posted 11 | 11 | 2019

More inviting and accessible to readers, the new internet site of the journal L’INFORMATION IMMOBILIÈRE, which has been completely revamped, will impress you with its elegant design, as well as the excellence and diversity of its content.

While we recently presented an all-new layout of the print version, we are now offering visitors to our website an enhanced experience with a new design that is resolutely modern, elegant and streamlined. The clear, user-friendly menu greatly facilitates browsing. With just a few clicks of the mouse, it is now easier than ever to access the sections and articles that interest you the most. You can even browse the website on the go, as it has been optimised for viewing on any device, whether a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Original, exclusive topics

Completely redesigned, our website has been conceived as an extension of the print version of L’INFORMATION IMMOBILIÈRE magazine. Between issues, you will have the opportunity to read about new original topics and enjoy shorter exclusives on subjects that have often already been addressed in the print version. These articles offer a quicker pace and more concentrated information, enriched not only with photos but also short videos. Of course, you will also find the full version of the journal in electronic format, including all the subjects that are near and dear to your heart: art, architecture, real estate, the environment, design and economics.

Skilled writers and journalists

We continuously aim to improve the content, both on the internet platform and in the print journal, with the support of professional freelance writers and renowned columnists committed to the pursuit of excellence. It is important to us that the articles meet all the criteria of high-quality journalism. It goes without saying that we must allocate a certain portion of our budget to the achievement of these goals. However, we have chosen to continue offering you exceptional content free of charge.

Moreover, we would like to be more accessible to you, our readers, by making it easier for you to interact with us and share the reports and articles you find most valuable. You can do this directly on various social media with a simple click of the mouse.

Share your feedback with us

Finally, you have the opportunity to express your opinions, ideas and thoughts, in addition to keeping up with all the latest news from L’INFORMATION IMMOBILIÈRE magazine, through our social media, including Facebook, Twitter and our all-new LinkedIn and Instagram pages.

So please feel free to participate!

Readers can give their feedback, propose topics and even provide citations for the comment section of our magazine by writing directly to

Share your ideas and points of view on social media to fuel the debate!

We hope, dear readers, friends and colleagues, that you will be pleased with our new website and that many of you will follow us and participate.

Thank you for your loyalty!

The editors


Created in 1976, the journal L’INFORMATION IMMOBILIÈRE comes out three times a year. Its purpose is to address varied topics, including art, travel, economics, politics, architecture, ecology and culture. This magazine enables readers to develop their own opinions, based on information that is clear, precise, concise and richly illustrated. With a circulation of 115,000 copies, it is targeted at managers, creators, decision-makers, people working in liberal professions and urbanites involved in economic activities.