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Every co-owned property is unique, and so is its management!

Posted 13 | 10 | 2020
Categories Real Estate

At the SPG-Rytz Group, we are experts in managing condominiums and commonholds. For many years, we have been recognised as leaders in the French-speaking Swiss real estate market. Our experience, know-how and personalised advice enable us to guide and support property owners in the daily management of their real estate holdings. With 60 years of real estate to our credit, we can offer you the comfort of ownership with incomparable peace of mind.

A condominium or commonhold is a particular type of co-owned property in which each owner has exclusive rights with regard to his or her unit. At the same time, they all share ownership of the common areas. Our group specialises in condominium and commonhold management, and we are at your service to provide you with the support and guidance you need during the acquisition of your property.

Leverage our expertise to become a property owner

In a previous blog entry, we mentioned out that three out of four families that are currently leasing anticipate acquiring a property within the next 10 years. Naturally, this brings up the question of acquiring a condominium or commonhold. In these types of procedures, it is essential to have an expert on your side. Condominiums and commonholds offer a simple means of becoming a property owner, while sharing a portion of the costs and responsibilities for the overall premises. In co-owned properties like this, you exclusively own the unit in which you live, while you share ownership of the common areas (lifts, yards and other communal spaces) with the other owners. As a result, you share responsibility for the costs and all of the decisions regarding amenities, ensuring that everything on the property functions optimally. The advantages of co-ownership are obviously financial, as it allows one to purchase a property more easily.

The SPG-Rytz Group: your greatest condominium apartment allies

The SPG-Rytz Group puts a team of professionals at your disposal, enabling you to enjoy your property in peace, while you rely on choice professionals to undertake the day-to-day management of the common areas. Our group manages close to 660 properties in French-speaking Switzerland. This sheer volume secures our position as property management experts. Having a dedicated department made up of professionals who are exclusively devoted to co-owners is the key to the optimal management of your property. A designated agent is responsible for day-to-day management and continuous monitoring, offering you a reliable, precise interface every step of the way.

Independent real estate for guaranteed service

Our group, which has been active in the French-speaking Swiss real estate market for 60 years, does not hold shares in any companies belonging to the construction or building sector. This gives us the kind of complete freedom that allows us to take an optimal approach to condominiums and commonholds. Since we have no obligations towards any specific company, we can make our choices based on objective criteria, in the best interests of the property owners. In an ongoing quest for solutions to make real estate more efficient and effective, the SPG-Rytz Group was a pioneer when it put its services online. Our platform allows co-owners to consult all of their accounts, rental receipts, maintenance contracts, insurance and any other useful administrative documents in real time 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A property is a precious thing, and proper management of it is essential. This is why it is so important to entrust your property management to professionals. In that regard, the SPG-Rytz Group is by your side to assure you of maximum efficiency and utmost peace of mind.