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Committed to beautifying the city

Posted 23 | 07 | 2020
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At Société Privée de Gérance (SPG), we regularly carry out large-scale building projects through our Asset Development department. As part of our ongoing commitment to beautify our cities and integrate the landscape into our buildings, we favour projects in which the architecture blends in perfectly with the surrounding environment.



Furthermore, we make it a point to ensure that every one of our projects is founded on the three pillars of sustainable development: environmental protection, social equity and economic development. We construct environmentally friendly buildings that qualify for various certifications, including Minergie®, HPE (for high energy-efficient performance) and THPE (for very high energy-efficient performance). Additionally, our Environment & Energy department is available to provide professional advice on how to optimise the energy efficiency of our architectural heritage.

Below, we would like to share with you some of projects we are most proud of.


The Amandolier Building

The Amandolier Building comprises no less than 7,000 m² of offices and underground parking spaces. The façade was renovated in 2017 through a collaboration between our sister company SPG Prorenova, which specialises in real estate renovation and enhancement, and the architectural lighting engineers of Lighting Design Collective. The result is a unique, cutting-edge light show. The system, which consists of new-generation LED lights that consume a negligible amount of surplus energy during the night-time hours, illuminates all 340 of the building’s windows from dusk till dawn.

Le bâtiment Amandolier, réalisation d'Asset Development, nuit

The German Design Award, a well-known, highly respected institution of the design world, both in Germany and on an international level, awarded this renovation the prize for best architecture in 2020.

Le bâtiment Amandolier, réalisation d'Asset Development, jour

The exterior of the Amandolier Building was conceived as a full-fledged work of art. Combining vegetation, metallic figures, black shale and water vapour in a veritable symphony that constantly reinvents itself, this out-of-the-ordinary garden has quickly assumed its place in the heart of the international city. We take great pride in the fact that this garden was one of the three finalists for the European Garden Award in 2013.

Jardin de l'Amandolier, réalisation d'Asset Development, jour


Saint-Georges Center

This 8,500 m² commercial building is situated in the immediate vicinity of Geneva city centre. Built in 2012 in compliance with Minergie® standards, it features excellent-quality materials. The design of the building was entrusted to Berlin-based architectural firm Sauerbruch Hutton following an international architectural competition. The construction work was supervised by Asset Development and performed by Fabio Fossati – Architectes SA in collaboration with the master builders from Berlin.

Le Saint-Georges Center, réalisation d'Asset Development, nuit


The definitive choice of colours for each element of the façade, as well as their distribution on the building, was executed with surgical precision. With Sauerbruch Hutton, nothing was left to chance.


Le Saint-Georges Center, réalisation d'Asset Development, intérieur


The Patio de Frontenex

This elegant industrial-style building, constructed in 2010, comprises seven luxury loft apartments, as well as 692 m² of retail space.

Le Patio de Frontenex, réalisation de Asset Development, façade

The Minergie® certified building benefits from a dual-flow ventilation system and optimal insulation of the façades and roof. Literally turning its back on the street, this perfectly soundproof building offers a peaceful atmosphere that favours concentration and work meetings as well as a serene day-to-day lifestyle. The Patio was built on the model of a ‘yard within a yard’, as the building wraps around an interior courtyard, which the building’s balconies face instead of facing the street. It forms a veritable first-class island in the heart of the city.

Le Patio de Frontenex, réalisation de Asset Development, escalier


36 Route de Chêne 

SPG’s Geneva headquarters, with its 3,300 m² of office space, was renovated in 2017, emerging from the shadows into the light. The façade was completely reconceived in the interests of sustainable development, allowing the building to reduce its energy consumption by 30 percent and earn Minergie® certification.

Siège de la SPG

Two additional floors were added, and a magnificent landscaped terrace with a panoramic view was installed on the rooftop.

Siège de la SPG, terrasse panoramique


We transform ideas into reality, visions into constructions and desires into sustainable building projects.