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Humour: the universal weapon

Posted 27 | 04 | 2020
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In view of the extraordinary situation we’re going through, sometimes it can be hard to face our day-to-day lives. These circumstances demonstrate the importance of sticking together, today more than ever.

Besides solidarity, we can also use humour to our advantage! This is why we’ve compiled some videos and illustrations that we found particularly amusing.

We hope that this little selection will help make your confinement more pleasant and lift your spirits, if even for a moment.

1. An ingenious trick

Toothpicks, a toilet paper roll and a sponge… Now you’re prepared for any lift. You have to admit that it’s an ingenious trick!


2. The daily walk

Does your dog need to stretch its paws, but you can’t take it for a walk? No problem: a senior has found the solution!


3. The mullet is making a comeback

Since your hair salon is closed until further notice, you’ll have to explore other options…

home haircut


4. Maintain a social life, but in moderation

In the end, isolation isn’t as boring as you thought!


5. Knowing how to stay busy

For some, this period fires the imagination. There’s an art to keeping busy when stuck at home alone!


6. An unexpected delight

When toilet paper becomes a delicacy…


7. A birthday like no other

It isn’t easy to have a birthday party when you’re confined.



8. The joys of working from home

Working at home with the kids…get used to it.



9. Knowing how to fight

Grocery shopping in 2020 could prove to be real battle!

battle of Aldi


10. Let’s stay home

For your safety and that of others, don’t forget to stay home!



We hope that this little compilation has put a smile on your face. Please feel free to send us your humorous videos and images at so we can continue enriching our collection.

Take care of yourself, keep in touch with your loved ones, and if you can, check in on your neighbours and support the most vulnerable among us! We’re in this together!