In order to better serve your needs, we sought to answer the most frequently asked questions. We hope that you will find suitable answers and we always remain available should you need any additional information.

How to contact our Rental Departement ?

Rental Department

Route de Chêne 36
1208 Genève
Open from 08h30 to 17h00 without interruption
T 058 810 30 01
M location@spg.ch

How to find an apartment?

Number of rooms, rent, neighborhood, type of accomodation: you need to clearly define what you are looking for to increase your changes of finding the perfect home. Create an alert to receive in real time new offers related to your search.

Are all properties available for renting listed on the website?

No, not all properties are listed on the website as it’s only done so at the owner’s request. Feel free to contact us for more information.

I'm interested in a rental, what is the procedure?

Click on the “Apply online”  and create your account by filling in your e-mail address and a password. In this link you have the possibility to create your application file online.

Do I have to fill out the rental application form even though I do not have any guarantees that the rental will be given to me?

Yes, we strongly encourage you to fill out the rental application form to maximize your chances.

May I send several forms for different rentals?

Yes, absolutely, you may send us several forms. Should you be shortlisted, it will be a pleasure for us to contact you.

What is the notice period of my lease? Do I have to suggest someone to take back the lease before leaving?

Each lease has its own terms and conditions. Please contact your lessee manager.

Are visits mandatory ? Can I send my application file even though I haven't seen the apartment?

As a general rule, visits are mandatory but, in some cases, exceptions can be made.

What are your tips to sell my property at the best price?

Have a look around your property ! Clean. Tidy. Redo the paint. Pay attention to the external layout. Consider the idea of renovation to preserve your property and increase its value. Trust us: we have your best interest at heart when we assess your property.

Are all properties available for sale on the website?

No, not all properties available for sale are on the website as it is only done so at the owner’s request . Feel free to contact us if you have a specific request.

What are the required financial guarantees to buy real estate?

Each property for sale is unique, hence financial guarantees can vary. Please contact your broker for more information.

I am interested in buying property, what does my application file need to contain?

Each property available for sale is unique, hence materials needed for your application file can vary. Please contact your broker to learn more.

How useful can a real estate agency be to sell my house?

Reaching out to a real estate agency of our calibre gives you peace of mind. You can fully rely on us until the new owner gets the keys. We will carefully assess your property and put it on sale for the best price. We then are fully in charge of finding the perfect buyer. No need to create an ad, take calls, organize visits or do a background check of potential buyers: we do it for you! Your property also benefits from our prestigious reputation, which has been our strength for more than 60 years.